About us

About us

IHE Netherlands was founded in 2004. Since the start, education has been very important for the promotion and use of IHE solutions. For IHE Netherlands it’s important that education has a direct connection with health care practice. This is one of the reasons that IHE Netherlands started a collaboration with Ringholm bv in 2012.

Ringholm specialises in the provision of training courses related to interoperability standards Our training courses have been developed in collaboration with healthcare providers as well as IT vendors. 

Improved patient care through the use of technology. This is the focus of the people at MedicalPHIT. They work in their area of expertise and want to offer the customer a meaningful contribution in a short period of time. The experts at MedicalPHIT enjoy sinking their teeth into interesting and innovative projects, for example in the fields of clinical work processes, trans-mural information exchange, screening and Business Intelligence.

Knowing how things work in healthcare is important to ensure the success of innovative projects. As is knowledge about user acceptance, technology, privacy and financing. Creativity and perseverance are indispensable when starting projects that have never been done before. After all, it is not about writing nice plans, but getting things to work in practice.

MedicalPHIT has accumulated a wealth of knowledge over the past ten years and aims to stay ahead of the pack. During our conferences and training sessions, we would like to keep you informed about the recent developments in the field of IT in healthcare.

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